Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Is that the sky I see?

Yep, those words came out of my mouth.  Unfortunately, I was in my backyard storage shed at the time. So, I spent part of January getting a new roof put on the shed, and getting it painted.  Then, I got another quote for the huge floor tiling job, which was simply too high, and a quote for the drywall repair and painting of the living room, which I accepted.  Now my house is covered in a fine layer of drywall dust. The painter is doing a wonderful job, but is very, very slow.  I would estimate that in four full days, he has accomplished two days' worth of work.  I told him everything must be completed by Friday evening so that I could get the house back to rights before my houseguest arrives for an overnight stay next week - that leaves two more days.  Hey, it could happen!

I guess the picture a day fell by the wayside too.  I took a few before photos of the living room and will post them soon!  February will be busy, too, I think.