Saturday, October 05, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Carnaby Skirt

I don't want to talk about the Owls sweater except to say that although DD is quite slim, the sweater is slimmer, and the two will not ever cohabitate space.  I have a week of what I euphemistically call "iconography camp" coming up in 10 days, and I will bring said owl sweater to unravel, wind, and begin the body AGAIN.  Since there is no tv or anything like that, and since the days are spent in intense and prayerful painting, we tend to socialize with each other in the evenings to relax a bit before bed, and knitting is an aid to relaxation.  The body is simple stockinette, so as long as I get the guage right and I am knitting the correct size (OMG, why is this so difficult with this particular sweater?????), it's pretty brainless knitting, perfect for evenings spent chatting with friends. Third time is the charm, right?

So, I have put the owls away for now and have begun DD's Christmas present, the Carnaby Skirt by Nikol Lohr.  Have I ever disliked one of her designs?  I don't think so, and this one is no different.  I really adore it and so does DD and everyone I've shown the pattern to.  I think I may even make a great big one, much longer, for myself.  Maybe not - what a LOT of knitting that would be!

This skirt is really cute and gives a pleated effect by alternating rectangular panels of a small checkerboard pattern with triangular panels of stockinette, and is knit side-to-side so the sizing possibilities are endlessly adjustable.  If you like it longer just add more stitches at cast-on.  It's a very simple, but very clever and stylish design, just as all Nikol Lohr's designs are.  This is maybe the third that I've knitted of hers.

I started this on September 24th, one week ago, and I love it so far!