Sunday, August 11, 2013


If you have been a longtime reader of my blog, you know that I was obsessed with memes for quite a while.  I am falling off the meme wagon for this one.  Just. Because.

11 things I like to eat:
1. Lobstuh swimming in lemon buttah
2. Steamuz, with juice, of course!
3. Fried clams from Kellys, with bellies, of course!
4. My Grammie's Sunday gravy with roast pork, meatballs, sausage and bracciole over her tagliatelle
5. Prime rib with horseradish
6. Pot stickers
7. Kibbe laban the way my mother-in-law used to make it
8. Thai Drunken Noodles.  OMG.
9. Pate with bacon on top.  OMG
10. Creme Caramel
11. Cannolis

11 things I don't like to eat:
1. Pickled herring in sour cream
2. Banana pudding, southern style.  Blech.
3. Anything with chunks of anchovies, but when they melt into the food, they are yummy
4. Anything that looks back at me - like a whole fish or pig
5. Pink duck breast - poultry really needs to be cooked, KWIM?
6. Boudin sausage
7. Southern style sweet tea
8-11 Still thinking...

11 cool places I've visited:
1. Amish Country
2. NYC
3. Old Quebec City
4. San Francisco
5. Morro Bay
6. Santa Barbara
7. Portland - Home of Powell's Books!!!!
8. Boston Public Library
9. Boston Museum of Fine Arts
10. Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral in SF
11. top of Mt. Sunapee via chairlift

11 things that make me crazy:
1. Adult picky eaters
2. Bad spelling
3. Bad grammar
4. "Axe" instead of "Ask"
5. Most reality tv.  Make that most tv - we have sunk to the lowest common denominator and call that entertainment.  Argh.
6. The far right politicos who are holding our country hostage
7. Waking up via an alarm before my body is ready
8. People who leave their pets outside 24/7, especially my next-door and across-the-street neighbors
9. People who intrude on other people's space by being too loud - yes, this means cell phone users, stereos blasting, and my across-the-street neighbors who yell to each other when they are only a foot apart at all hours of the day and night
10. Aggressive people who invade your space on the pretext of being "friendly" or "polite" - welcome to Savannah, folks.
11. Hot, sticky, humid weather - can you say, "Savannah"?

11 things that make me happy
1. Waking up without an alarm
2. Quiet
3. My daughter
4. Making music
5. Making icons
6. Weekends
7. Lakes or rivers with a mountain view
8. Autumn leaves
9. Christmas trees, fully loaded, the bigger, the better
10. The moment when you first step into a silent church and smell incense
11. Air conditioning

11 movies I love:
1. The Quiet Man
2. Like Water for Chocolate
3. Moonstruck
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
5. Some Like It Hot
6. Godfather I and Godfather II
7. The Sound of Music
8. West Side Story
9. Singing in the Rain
10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
11. Blade Runner

11 favorite books:
1. Jane Eyre - Bronte
2. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
3. Letters to a Beginner - Abbess Thaisia
4. The Way of the Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way
5. Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain
6. Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
7. Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell
8. Mountain of Silence - Kyriacos Markides
9. The Red Tent - Anita Diamant
10. Dune - Frank Herbert
11. Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand - Samuel R. Delaney

11 favorite songs:
1. Rachmaninoff's Rejoice O Virgin from vigil
2. Rachmaninoff's Vocalise
3. Glazunov's In the Flesh
4. Carpatho Russian In the Flesh
5. Let My Prayer Arise - Fr. John Platko
6. 2000 Miles - Pretenders
7. Chain Gang - Pretenders
8. I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt version
9. It is Truly Meet - Lapaev
10. Pictures at an Exhibition, especially the Great Gates of Kiev - Mussorgsky/Ravel
11 Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix - Saint-Saens

11. favorite artists:
1. John Singer Sargent
2. St. Andrei Rublev
3. Yuri Gashev
4. Anna Gouriev
5. Nikolai Roerich
6. the entire Pre-Raphaelite School
7. Mark Adams
8. Sondra Freckelton
9. Mikhail Nesterov
10. Franklin Booth
11. Dimitry Shkolnik

11 facts about me:
1. I have lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Mexico, California and Georgia
2. I'm an iconographer
3. I am an only child, but I have three sisters
4. I love to hang out near the paint chips - I just love to look at colors
5. I truly swam before I walked
6. I often just intuit things that turn out to be spot on
7. I love to research obscure subjects
8. I have to make music and art or I will wither away and my soul will die
9. I often think I know a better way to do things, and I am usually right
10. My spices are in alphabetical order and must remain so
11. If I can't see things, I tend to forget that they exist

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

For the last few years, maybe four, I've fallen in love again with knitting, and have posted about it on this blog.  Some of the knitting websites, blogs and Facebook pages that I frequent are full of knitters talking about their many works in progress.  Tonight, I thought I'd take stock of what I have going:
A lace-weight shawl called Japanese Waves

A cowboy sweater for my friend Carla's grandson which is done except for the buttons, but Colt has outgrown it already.  

Cloisonne jacket for me, but I think it will be too big now that I've lost some weight...

Bramble stitch bag in pretty blue and purple.  What's not to love?
This is my second washcloth in cotton.  I forgot to take a picture of the first one completed.  It's for my church's Christmas Boutique 
Tulip Yoke Baby Cardigan that I did in stripes for a baby girl who outgrew it before I even finished it.  I got cute white flower buttons, too!  Maybe another baby girl will come along.

There is another WIP, which is a chunky teal blue sweater knit in the round, with a bodice of owls made by broken cables.  It was her Christmas present in 2012, but it didn't fit her, so I am in process of re-knitting it.

7 isn't too many, is it?  Is it?